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Complete & Original Victorian Newspaper - Harringtons

Complete & Original Victorian Newspaper


This is a rare rare opportunity to collect a precious archive and gain an insight into a bygone age, an original and complete (not a copy) Victorian newspaper.

These rare newspapers reveal how the Victorian’s viewed everyday events and provide a wonderful insight into life as it used to be.

All papers sent will be a genuine original & complete newspaper (not a copy) from an available date in the 19th Century or earlier.

An original newspaper will be sent from your selected Year but we cannot commit to a date in that year. Up to 1829 we will send a paper that is at least this old, but cannot commit to a specified year pre 1830. Please use the box provided to tell us the year required.

Most of our stock of Victorian Newspapers is The Times, although this title cannot be guaranteed in every instance.

How are the papers stored? For centuries up until the last few years, newspaper back copies for each month were bound in leather binders to preserve and protect them and allow researchers easy access. This is how the vast majority of our archive papers are now stored. When a newspaper is sold, the paper is carefully removed out of the binding, and prepared by hand for sale.

Please allow 4 working days for dispatch.



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